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Energy Card: For Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance

Energy Card: For Prosperity, Wealth & Abundance

Pure energy magic for wealth in its widest metaphorical sense:

Unique energy cards, our "magic credit cards" to bring white magic prosperity energy to your home, your person, and your wallet. The Ultimate Portable Money Spell: The energy magic card for money, wealth, luck and prosperity.

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Magic Credit Card

Handy credit card size - designed to fit in your purse or wallet

Sturdy and hard wearing - just like an ordinary credit card, energy cards are tough, waterproof, wipe clean easily and will last a lifetime

Indelibly imprinted with powerful geometric magic designs and magic symbols - the card exude powerful wealth energy, through and throughImprint jewellery and crystals and pendants with prosperity energy

Powerful MODERN magic - this is pure energy magic for the needs people have in this day and age.

Make your own additional wealth spells, lucky charms, prosperity potions - for yourself, and to give to others

Use the energy card to imprint water for wealth and prosperityHeal money stress and money reversals - heal your energy body of money injuries and soothe yourself

Banish poverty curses and bad luck from your home, energy field and your wallet

Protect yourself from negative energy influences - positive energy radiation creates a shield of protection

Not just about more money - the card is programmed for wealth in its widest metaphorical sense.

Guaranteed 100% pure white energy magic - supportive, loving, powerful, and absolutely positive.

Created originally for The Rich & Healthy Witch by StarFields,

this card is a unique, personal and powerful protector,

shield, generator of white and gold

entirely positive and uplifting energy to support YOU

to find Wealth, Luck and Prosperity - In Its Widest Possible Sense.

100% White Magic For The Good Of All & Harm Of None

Order YOUR energy card today.

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Sorry This Item Is No Longer Available.

Posted Sep 9, 2010   
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