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Energy Dancing I

by Silvia Hartmann

Energy Dancing I

Energy Dancing is a completely natural and intuitive way to increase energy flow throughout the body. This causes emotions to change for the better, as well as being a very fast method to de-stress and re-energize profoundly, in under five minutes.

Using intuitive body movements and the innate wisdom of the body mind to target specific problem areas in the energy body for healing and restoration, Energy Dancing is a truly unique and innovative skill that once learned, can be used in conjunction with any form of music to create an intensely personal healing experience.

The Energy Dancing teaching programme contains explanations, demonstrations and instructions, followed by seven example sessions in which the listener can fully participate and learn to use Energy Dancing for:

  • Inner Child Healing
  • Trauma Energy Clearing
  • Releasing Blocks To Joy & Happiness
  • Awakening The Exotic Aspects
  • Deep Soul Dance Meditation
  • High Energizing & Clearing Success Blocks
  • Energy System Smoothing & Re-Vitalizing

This gentle but extremely powerful programme is suitable for all. Energy Dancing can be used safely with children, the disabled and those who cannot exercise vigorously to improve energy flow and mood simply and easily.

Energy Dancing is a supremely healthy method of bringing movement back to mind, body and energy body, with outstanding benefits of mood enhancing, better energy levels and is a fantastic energy self help tool.

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