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Protection Against Negative Energy & Black Magick - Hexenspiegel Charm

Protection Against Negative Energy & Black Magick - Hexenspiegel Charm

New to for the summer of 2010 - Hexenspiegel for protection against negative energy, the evil eye, or incoming bad magick or black magick.

Hexenspiegel - witch mirrors - provide powerful personal protection, not only if you are under psychic attacks by active evil witches and magicians, but also against the every day "evil eye" negative energy that can be sent your way by people who wish you ill, from bad relatives to people who hate you at work or in your business.

Our Hexenspiegel are lovingly hand crafted following an old Romany custom by SFX and provide true and powerful protection for the wearer of the charm.

The Hexenspiegel come in two types - one is a clear mirror and the other a clear mirror which has been sanded lightly to make it less opaque and thereby less reflective. They both provide full protection against negative energy, the second type looks more "harmless" and is less attention attracting as it doesn't flash light or fully reflect people who stand near you.

Magic Hexenspiegel protection mirror charms can be worn outside or underneath the clothing.

Superb magical "armour" for those special situations where extra protection is required, from board meetings to family gatherings, and especially when under psychic attack.

Even when one is not being directly attacked, the Hexenspiegel provides a space of protection that can be useful for magic working and meditation, especially when one lives in a big city.

Each Hexenspiegel is hand made and absolutely unique.

Protection charm against psychic attacks and negative energy

Hexenspiegel Charm hand crafted by SFX

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From: Brenin, Switzerland:

I just love my Hexenspiegel. It's a brilliant idea. Connects to Feng Shui and other cultures that use mirrors on and in buildings to harmonise energies. Just love it.

From: SK, England

I feel calm and protected - I really *feel* a stepping down into a space of clarity - when I put mine on.



From: Jerome, England

Wanted to THANK YOU for my dearly beloved Hexenspiegel. Had to attend wedding, was dreading it, dreading it. Day came, I wore my Hexenspiegel, actually the minute I put it on all the dread just seemed to flow away. Whole day went better than good.

Where have you/they been all my life?!



From Skylark

An interesting update - I had to attend a "family gathering" last which in essence means people related to my ex husband and when looking at the jewellry box, I decided to take the Hexenspiegel out for a field test. 
Ex husband's new wife, who really does NOT like me at all Laughing was markedly subdued and didn't address me once. 

Another person who shall remain nameless actually asked me nervously if "the mirror was meant to hypnotize as it kept flashing at me throughout dinner". Neutral

I felt really rather fine and free throughout it all; I'd say the charm worked like a charm. Took it off when I got it home and returned it to the box with a kiss. 

If only I'd had something like that all those years ago, for all those occasions ...! 

And yeah I could have worn it underneath my top, but what, pray, would have been the fun in that?


From: email

Can the Hexenspiegel do anything about curses and hexes you already have?

SFX: No, sorry, they only protect you from incoming negative energies. But I know a good old gypsy curses/hexes removal spell, I'll post it for you.



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Posted Jun 18, 2010   
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