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The Book On Magic - Magic, Spells & Potions

The Book On Magic - Magic, Spells & Potions

THE book on magic, spells and potions for 21st Century witches, magicians and magical people.

Created by StarFields for the modern world. No self respecting witch should be without this fabulous book!

* Also contains full instructions on using the Genius Symbols as your personal magic machine. Outstanding!

A NEW Book On Magic!

A NEW Book on Magic For Beginners: Magic, Spells & Potions by  StarFieldsA NEW Book On Magic by StarFields:


NEW For July 2009: REAL Magic For Beginners - Safe & Sound!

No religion required, this is effective magic for modern 21st Century human beings living in the REAL world.

Featuring all you need to know to get started with REAL magic - spells, potions, fortune telling, working with higher forces, power animals and how to step into your magical self!

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"Magic, Spells and Potions is a down to earth practical approach that is devoid of any religious or moral undertones. All is explained in a non-pretentious and friendly manner. As the system is unique, it is accessible for everyone. An absolute must for everyone interested in magic.” Dr Markus Schulte

"This book is literally a breath of fresh air for all who love magic. Gone are the old fashioned horrors of hell fires and demons, and instead, we have that wide eyed wonder, a childlike innocence as we get to explore our own magic for real - finally! A wonderful, wonderful book, magic through and through.”   StarHawk

"A fantastic resource of common sense, down to earth magic that really works. In stripping away the dusty rituals of old StarFields has made magic light, fun and accessible to all. A treasure trove of magic, spells and potions - this book is for you!” Nicola Quinn

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Posted May 11, 2010   
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